The FGL Team ?

2011 marks the 30th birthday

We learnt, over the past 30 years, that music has many different faces and decided to discover them all! From Iggy Pop to Petula Clark, Lio, The Nashville Pussy, François de Roubaix or Sortilege, from John Cale
to Francis Lalanne, from the Bolshoi Theater to the Rolling Bidochons, Dashiel Hedayat to the Red Army Choir, we love to explore all kinds!

If there was only one word to describe us, it would be "faithfulness". We have always been faithful to our friends, our artists, our suppliers and our partners but, above all, to our vocation which was born one fine day of 1981 in the 14th district of Paris : independent to the bone and proud to be so! Our very first release was a luxurious re-issue of a cult garage band named "Mouse'n The Traps" which was not as successful as we would have expected but we didn't become discouraged ! We keep on working on our next releases which, hopefully, will become yours soon!

After having celebrated our 25th birthday in 2006, we are now looking ahead for the next 25 years and beyond! It will be a long path withmany obstacles but a captivating one and we are definitely looking forward to going on! As we hope to become centenaries, the way is still quite long, will undoubtedly some obstacles, but so enthralling to traverse that we are already impatient of living these next adventures. More than ever, we are determined to carry on being the smart alternative for artist looking for a record company with the reputation of a major but like the Bonsai Tree: small and yet as strong as an oak!

Always stubborn, never arrogant but overflowing with desire, energy and strength because we are still focused on themost important thing for us: music without which, as Nietzsche once said, “life would be an error”.