Salvatore Adamo

Salvatore Adamo


    Born in Sicily in 1943 to a poor family, the young Adamo began to be interested in music during the Fifties, although his parents had hoped he’d opt for more traditional studies.

    After a first try, which was not crowned with success, he finds his strongest supporter in the person of his father, who decides to manage his career. After several nonconclusive trials, he finally has a small hit with "Sans toi ma mie ("Without you, my sweetheart)" which was completely counter-current to of the style of the moment.

    Whereas France is submerged by yéyé, Adamo’s style is rather traditional and romantic - with the advantage of appealing to a great number of people who find his character reassuring and posed. He quickly chains a series of hits, like "Tombe la neige (Falling Snow)" and "Vous permettez Monsieur (Excuse me Mister") which establish him not only as a talented artist, but also lyricist & composer, as he wrote most of his own songs.

    Compared to a large part of variety artists, it is a quality that deserves to be underlined. Very quickly, the young singer exports himself and becomes a star in many countries, such as Japan where his success is phenomenal. He starts to record his hits in several languages, for the greater enjoyment of all.

    Since, in spite of the appearance of dozens of more transitory fashions, each more ephemeral than the next, the little prince of French music- the man who never betrayed either his repertory or his public, is still one of the most important artists of his time.

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