Au Bonheur Des Dames

Au Bonheur Des Dames


    At the beginning of the Seventies, a band of loonies found the group Au Bonheur des Dames from the title of the famous novel by Emile Zola. The band is comprised of Eddick Ritchell, Sharon Glory, Rita Brantalou, Ramon Pipin, Shitty Télaouine, Hubert de la Motte Fifrée, Gépetto Ben Glabros and Costric the 1st. Behind these incredible pseudonyms hide young fans of rock'n'roll and puns.

    Their repertory will be thus a scientist’s dosage of hits and relatively delirious personal compositions. Very quickly, Au Bonheur des Dames attracts attention with a show that boasts a rocker dressed like Vince Taylor, a clone of David Bowie, a typical Frenchman, and a whole range of characters rich with color. The time being clearly glitter and decadent rock'n'roll, these clones of David Bowie crossed with Roxy Music are far from passing unperceived in the traditional French landscape. The first record label to react is Philips which release, in 1973, a trio of 45 singles, Amur Tujurs (Lve Alwys), La Marche Des Malabars (Elephant Walk) and the mythical Oh Les Filles (Oh Girls) which are the first vinyl traces of a new form of expression that later will be called parodic rock'n'roll.

    In 1974, the album Twist is released followed by 2 others. The group then separates following the departure of Ramon Pipin who then forms Odeur, while Shitty Telaouine collaborates with Antoine De Caunes for the television program Chorus. The group was reformed in 1997 for the recording of one album at the Olympia and released their new album in years "Métal Moumoute" in 2006.

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