As the punk movement invaded everything in 1977, a group that was decidedly a head above the crowd started getting noticed – Bulldozer. Founded by an enigmatic personality who called himself Gerry Zipanar. It was, in fact; Gérard Pisani; who previously resided at the heart of the original formation of Martin Circus!

    This man’s career to follow is fairly interesting, as we find him playing sax and trumpet behind Johnny Hallyday, in person!! To return to a punk singer, he possesses a terrifying organ which makes him one of the strongest voices of French Punk. Once you’ve listened to a Bulldozer tune, it becomes difficult to forget, as the timbre of Gérard Pisani is out of the ordinary.

    Plus, he is surrounded by a veritable group of crazies who have the particularity to know how to play their respective intsruments – a rarity at the time;

    While French Punk is mostly serious, the lyrics of Bulldozer are little marvels of cynicism, particularily well turned, that are not without a certain memory of artists such as Hubert-Félix Thiéfaine, Renaud or Bashung.

    While others preached the revolution on every street corner, Bulldozer chose the Coluche method and made their public laugh.

    Unhappily, too far advanced for their time, the group separated after the failure of their second excellent album, released to a bit of indifference by their record company, who didn’t really believe in the chances of their group. Fans of the TV show “Nulle Part Ailleurs (Nowhere Else)” will rush to this disc, as the guitarist, Lolita Carabine is none other than Lol, who leads the group from the show.

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