John Cale

John Cale


    Fragment of a Rainy Season

    Prodigious musician, John Cale was born in Wales in 1942. While the majority of children his age are still at the school, he is already playing and composing his first works with the BBC.

    In 1963, he is established in New York and becomes a part of the minimalist ensemble, “The Dream Syndicate” formed by LaMonte Young. In 1966, he meets the singer-composer, Lou Reed, and guitarist, Sterling Morrison. The three, found “Velvet Underground,” which remains one of the most the avant-garde groups to this day.

    A little later, after having engaged Nico, the singer and drummer, he meets with Andy Warhol, who decides to become their manager. In 1969, no longer supporting the crushing personality of Lou Reed, John Cale leaves Velvet Underground, and begins his true career.

    His style is definitely apart from the fashion of the time. He very quickly becomes a pillar of the underground because his music makes no concessions. Between his various projects, he also produces an enormous number of artists, like The Stooges, and the recordings of Nico, with whom he remained in contact. Enthusiastic from his new experiments, he produces many groups coming from the punk and new wave scene, like Squeeze, Patti Smith and Sham 69.

    After signing with the label IRS, he releases a live album masterpiece in the form of the album "Sabotage/Live." Later, he would collaborate with Brian Eno, and join up again briefly with Lou Reed.

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