Les Cappuccino


    Formed in 1995 this group created by Tommy, the guitarist and Marie (synth) in the city of Kobe were joined by Chiggy (bass) and Swin-go (drums). The band plays festive, joyous music, in the same vein as Jimmy Smith or Booker T.

    Escapees from a runway fashion show, they imitate perfectly the tone of French pop of the 60’s.

    The group plays several cities in Japan (Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka…).

    Released on the label Mad French in 2001, their French Madison takes off again with the international release by FGL Productions as well as a French tour.

    Considered as the most interesting group of the Mod Seventies scene. Straight out of a Courrèges model parade, this group brings perfect (2 girls / 2 boys) balance to the Pop scene.

From this artist
  • Cappuccino – Ultra Kitsch (De Luxe) Vol 1