Les Charlots


    In 1966, Les Charlots are not yet called Les Charlots and accompany Antoine under the name of “Problems.” They are five: Gerard Rinaldi (voice), Jean Sarrus (bqss), Gerard Filippelli (lead guitar), Shine Rego (rhythm guitar) and Donald Rieubon (drums).

    Very quickly, it is a success and Antoine flies on his own wings towards a solo career, which still continues today. Of the five original Problems, only the drummer throws in the towel, and is replaced by Jean-Guy, the brother of Christian Feshner.

    Very quickly, the group starts to become known with a frankly disrespectful repertory which classes them, in retrospect, as a great bunch of social agitators. Given their repertory in his context, it is obvious that their humour really did not go over very well in France of president Pompidou. In spite of that, they nevertheless have beautiful successes with "Les Paupiettes (The Rolls)", "Apérobic (Danse Cocktail)" or " Sois Erotique (Be Erotic)," a hilarious parody of the Gainsbourg song. With the beginning of the Seventies, The Charlots start a cinematographic career under the crook of Claude Zidi whom one will have known more inspired for his scripts. With "Les Fous Du Stade (The Stadium Fools)", "Les Bidasses en Folie (Soldiers Gone Mad)" or "Le Grand Bazar (The Great Bazaar,"

    The Charlots leave a memory mitigated from their passage in front of the camera. Predictable gags and repetitive humour weighing, the films of The Charlots are easily forgotten, but that is far from being the case with the re-release of their discs, which has brought them a new public in recent years.

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