Kenzo Saeki

Kenzo Saeki


    Born in the same year that Serge Gainsbourg released his first disc, Kenzo first forms a group called Shonen Homeruns with Koji Ueno (formerly of 8 1/2, Guernica) & Takao Higae (formerly Jun Togawa&Yapoos), which quickly becomes Halmens and releases a first album produced by the appointed composer (Keiichi Suzuki) of the famous director Takeshi Kitano.

    Member of the Japanese scene at the sides of Ruychi Sakamoto’s YMO (Yello Magic Orchestrated), with his group Halmens, Kenzo Saeki also begins a career as a songwriter and writes for several Japanese stars, including Maki Nomiya of the famous Pizzicato Five (Kenzo will write more than 1000 songs for himself, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Sadistic Mika Band, Puffy Amiyumi, Morning Musume, Jun Togawa, etc).

    Made strong by his experience as an author, Kenzo Saeki melts Pearl Brothers with Haruo Kubota, the famous guitarist of "Neo Geo". Not less than seven albums will be released (on Sony Music) by this group, soon to achieve cult status.

    In 1995, Kenzo joins the Gainsbourg committee (presided by the poet Tatsuji Nagataki), which was given the mission of helping to break the author Melody Nelson in Japan.

    He organizes several hundred musical and cinematographic events around the French composer. At same time, he produces a tribute album and a series of concerts around Todd Rundgren before working on the retrospective New Wave of the Japanese scene through a concept entitled "Drive to 200". A series of concerts further on, he works under the supervision of the official translator to Serge Gainsbourg on a tribute album to the author of the "Javanese" and releases an album entitled "Mad French Japanese" in Japan and "L’homme à la Tête de Sushi (The Man with the Sushi Head)" in Europe, where Kenzo gives a series of concerts at the heart of the "Japan Invasion" tour.

    While Japan is releasing a retrospective DVD on his "Pearl Bros" period, entitled "Shinju To Monokuro (Pearl with Monochromatic)"(Happinet Pictures), Kenzo Saeki sets up a new tribute project to the French artists Michel Polnareff, Nino Ferrer and of course, Serge Gainsbourg, entitled" Sushi Pie-chart" … The ultimate Japanese tribute to the French singer, by Kenzo Saeki!

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