The Punkles


    Give punk a chance

    A Beatles song played by the Sex Pistols! The dream has come true and we have to thank 4 musicians totally out of their brains. 4 Germans brought up with the Beatles, the Ramones and the Sex Pistols.

    New York, 1997, Joey Lennon, Sid McCartney, Dee Dee (quickly replaced by Captain O’Harrison) and Markey Starkey decided to form the Punkles, one of the most bonkers band on earth.

    The very first album is a success. Lennon and Mac Cartney’s sweat pop combines with the rageous Sex Pistol’s riffs, and each song is refreshed with new energy. Just listen to believe it. Just see them on stage to ask for more. And more. To achieve this 100% magical result, the Punkles don’t hesitate to blow all prejudgments away. Images are twisted to obtain even more explosive messages.

    Each musician plays it’s role perfectly. Joey Lennon, the singer, is a cynical intellectual. He is not only a singer is a composer and guitar player as well. Sid Mc Cartney, the charming bassist, smiling and seducing baby face. He’s a real heartbreaker. The second guitarist is Captain O’Harrison. He joined the band in 2002, after Dee Dee departure. As for Dee Dee, he dropped out to satisfy his passion : he became a Mikado, and supervise his own meditation center in Pakistan. Dee Dee has always been into exotism, captain hates it. Only Tax-free paradises are meaningfull to him. On stage, his attitude is mixed with charisma and fury. In fact, very few women could accept to be treated the way he treats his guitar. Bad treatments to get the most rawest and rageous sound out of its instrument. As for the drummer, Markey Starkey, hiding behind his sens of humour and derision. He is always ready to joke with his fans. Nothin is taken seriously and he always look for fun on stage.

    With the Punkles, the Beatles are renewed. Their smooth image has blown out and an astonishing and disconcerting sound has taken place, to make them Good old band energetic and even more actual, again. The Punkles are a new opportunity for punk revival (give punk a chance) and prove is that: “All you need is Punk”.

    For ever!

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