This German hard rock group from Hanover in Germany was formed by guitarists Rudolf (b. 31 August 52, Hildesheim, Germany) and Michael Schenker (b. 10 January 1955, Savstedt, Germany) in 1971. With Klaus Meine (b. 25 May 1952 on vocals), Lothar Heinberg (bass) and Wolfgang Dziony (drums), they exploded into the international heavy rock scene with Lonesome Crow in 1972 on the domestic ‘Brain’ records. This tough and exciting record was characterized by Schenker’s distinctive, fiery guitarwork on his Gibson Flying V and Klaus Meine’s dramatic vocals.

    Soon after the album was released, Heinberg, Dziony and Schenker left, the latter joining UFO. Francis Buchholz (b. 19 February 1950) and Jurgen Rosenthal stepped in on bass and drums, respectively, for the recording of Fly To The Rainbow. Signing worlwide to R.C.A, the new-look Scorpions’ sound consisted of initially jazz-inflected, lumbering riffs punctuaded with piercing solos and topped off with Meine’s strangely accessible nasal whine. Ulrich Roth was recruited as Schenker’s replacement in 1974 and Rudy Lenners took over the drumstool from Rosenthal the following year.

    The following releases, In Trance and Virgin Killer, epitomized the Scorpions’ new found confidence and unique style - a fusion of intimidating power-riffs, wailing guitar solos and melodic vocal lines. Produced by Dieter Dierks, the improvements musically were now matched technically.

    Their reputation began to grow throughout Europe and the Far East, backed up by exhaustive touring.

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