Out of the dive bars of Hollywood to world stadiums, this is the story of XYZ... Pat Fontaine's original line up was quickly re-enforced with the addition of Terry Ilous on vocals...From that moment on there was no turning back...The duo sorted out a few players from the Los Angeles scene before coming across Marc Diglio pushing his guitar in a grocery cart on Hollywood boulevard...They took him in...The pieces were in place as Paul Monroe appeared a few months later, asking few questions, eager to play...Off they were !... Whisky, Roxy, Gazzaris, Country Club, Troubadour, they all fell victim to the tide... XYZ was in town and was ready to party !....And so were the fans... 30 of them turned into 50, that turned into 200, that turned into 500, that turned into thousands...Soon the clubs were cracking at the seams and the fire department did not tolerate it very long !...The next step was due... 1989 came rolling in with Enigma/Capitol signing the band to the last of the mega- deals..."Inside out" was recorded within that summer, produced by rock legend Don Dokken, and following the first release to radio, the band was off, on their first US tour, opening for Ted Nugent...From clubs to arenas, from pizza and beer to lobster and champagne...And the tours were followed by others, as Foreigner, Dio, CheapTrick, Alice Cooper, Ozzy, Soundgarden,Dokken, Alice in chains, all shared their stage with XYZ... "Inside out" gave way to the ballad "What keeps me loving you" and the album kept on climbing into the charts...The entire year of 1990 was spent on a tour bus, and a few days before 1991 came up, Capitol asked for a new record... Produced in Los Angeles by George Tutko, this second offering exploded onto MTV with "Face down in the gutter" a splendid decadent video directed by Michael Bay (Transformer, The rock, Pearl Harbor)...The band went straight back out on the road, serving up their blend of heavy metal with a few shots of blues...Just a few months after the release of "Face down", the second single "When I find love" took over the US airwaves like a tornado...And the endless party was on ! ...and went on and on and on ... So much that by the end of 1992 the white nights and the sticky traps of "sex drugs and rock'n'roll" finally took their toll, and both Paul Monroe and Marc Diglio bowed out, exhausted... But the show must go on as we say, so Denver's Joe Shapiro took over the drums and NewYork's Tony Marcus grabbed on to the guitar, and as1993 rolled around the wheels kept on turning for a cutting edge acoustic tour with Michael Shencker (MSG)... Fast forward a few years thru the ups and downs of fashion, and this exact line up is still the current one today as the band re-unites for their twenty year anniversary....Terry Ilous on vocals, Pat Fontaine on bass, Tony Marcus on guitar and Joe Shapiro on drums...The four came together again in front of a sea of fans at Rocklahoma 2008, the biggest annual festival in the USA...The party was back ! ...Rude, obnoxious and politically incorrect !... Trends come and go, but the hard stuff lasts for ever !... So take the night off, rock it inside-out and wake up with XYZ, face down in the gutter !.... >>>

    In 2010, XYZ began a European tour, from April to July! All dates available here:

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