Influenced by progressive rock (King Crimson..) and later on by Rock bands such as Led Zeppelin, OCEAN is a one of the most wellknowns French Metal bands from the 80’s.

    Selected by ACDC for the opening of their french « Highway to Hell » Tour, then by IRON MAIDEN for the « Killer World Tour ». OCEAN became famous for all those live performances and two albums (including the second one produced by Andy Scott). This boxset includes the two original albums (totally remastered) and all their singles and unpublished songs + live tracks.

    STORY, LIVE n’ MORE, the highly collectable 4 CD boxset (only 2000 copies available) which also includes 28 pages full color booklet with many rares photos !

From this artist
  • Ocean – C'est la Fin…
  • Ocean – C'est la Fin…
  • Ocean – God's Clown
  • Ocean – Aquarium
  • Ocean – Ocean
  • Ocean – Live & More
  • Ocean – Story, Live & More - The definitive Collection