Paris is definitely the capital of world music ! According to the visitors who settled in its districts, the city has always reasoned to a multitude of vibrancies, all more colourful than the other… Thus, one could first hear the sound of the mandolins brought by the Italian masons of Piedmont who arrived in Paris at the end of the 19th century. Then the Morrocan followed with their derboukas and other instruments from the Maghreb. In closer times, parisian had the chance to discover the Turkish lutes, accordions from the Balkans and more recently, the Indian zithers. They gave rhythm to the weddings of populations rose in the northern and eastern districts of Paris.

    In those districts, historically known for their ethnical diversity (the 10th, 19th and 20th), their musical mixity of rock, folk and tradition, is born the « PARIS-BOLLYWOOD » project. A reference to the legendary review of the 1950’s used by a group of french musicians who one day, have decided to include the rhythmic varieties of Indian music to create a colourful mix. Enriched by the ethical influences, the album is the mirror of French population !

    Before the « PARIS-BOLLYWOOD » project, the leader of the band had spent a long time next to Marshall and Gibson Les Paul amps ; but yet he decided to look for original music… Tribal, folk, ethical musics…to offer to a large public while privileging rhythm and melody. This way the Tamil songs or the voices of the women born on the shores of the Ganges were associated to the firmly modern compositions of this combo. Resolutely Parisian !

    PARIS-BOLLYWOOD…is the ultimate new musical experience that should enthuse a large public. Get drunk on this music that will drive you to foreign lands that soon will become part of our culture.

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  • PARIS-BOLLYWOOD – Paris-Bollywood