Lone Kent

    Lone Kent has come up with nine finely chiselled songs and one instrumental that perpetuate Lone Kent’s pop rock heritage but takes it into unexpected territories.

    He manages to swerve between Hector Zazou’s electronica (with whom he has often recorded), Rhys Chatham’s 100 guitars density (with whom he is a section leader) and pure pop song form, leaving the listener humming melodies long afterwards...

    This time he mixes electro beats and synth sounds that outline his guitaristic outbursts, sometimes smooth and caressing, at other times simply chaotic.

    His vocals are as compelling and strong as ever, from the storytelling of “Out of Reach” to the aggressive ranting on modern humanity of “Smarter”.

    He has a four piece touring band ready to go, that gives a surprising and exciting rendition of these songs in tradition with the two guitar, bass/drums setup.

    The songwriting remains fluid and simple but hides a craftsmanship reminiscent of Radiohead or even David Bowie.

    The topic of the lyrics range from sweet naivety to poetic digressions on the state of the world but the writing is trimmed down to what remains essential, touching the soul of the listener.

    The sound is sometimes extremely dense, with layers of vocals and guitars capturing the listener unrelentingly as in “Ocean” and “Smarter”; other times with very little instrumentation, a couple of guitars and a garbage bin as in “Blind for you”, Lone Kent uses the space between the notes as a source of inspiration.

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