The FGL Team ?

FGL PRODUCTIONS’s Family of Labels and Catalogs

FGL is the proud parent of all the following brands

  • Anthology’s
  • Axe Killer
  • Eva
  • Incredible!
  • Kosmik Karma
  • Kosmos
  • Lolita
  • Mantra
  • New Mantra
  • Orphee
  • Play-Time
  • Remedy
  • Revenge
  • Sawasdee
  • Silva France
  • Swingmania
  • Via Classic


We are the exclusive representative of the following brands

  • Alangkarn International
  • Blanc Musiques
  • Deltamedia
  • DF Press
  • Editions 23
  • Editions Garzon
  • Flamophone
  • Gosteleradiofond
  • MCB Productions
  • One Cut Video
  • Editions Noa
  • Siebenpunkt
  • Silva Screen
  • Trinacra…


We signed exclusive deals for some repertoire with

  • Sony BMG
  • Universal Music
  • TVT Records
  • Toshiba EMI
  • Snob Music
  • JVC Victor


And we are partners with

  • Arcades
  • Asian Art Agency
  • Austerlitz
  • Cinequity
  • EMI Music France
  • Iwatani Japan
  • La Baleine
  • JVC Victor
  • NMPP
  • Telus Canada
  • Times Music India…



With it’s 30 years of experience in the music industry, FGL PRODUCTIONS has compiled a wide repertoire available to film directors and advertising agencies, offering many possibilities of synchronization.

Our company has also contributed to the success of many advertisement campaigns and movie soundtracks. We offer a opportunities to creatives, directors and producers in order for them to reinforce the power of their movies and advertising campaigns.

Our repertoire is very diversified, which lets create a real musical identity for all the productions that have called upon us. As we have always been able to adjust easily, we comply perfectly to every demand and need the post-synchronization world might have. Our heart beats with the action and the plot of synopsis. The impact of the image on the viewer rises: messages become unforgettable. Our data base contains more than 30,000 titles, excluding our international partners’ tracks.

Our mission today is to create original music specially dedicated to campaigns, following the schedule of advertisers and movie production companies.

Our activities among advertising or cinema made us find our place in the new proactive sector of synchronization in France. This is a new and totally independent alternative for creators and directors to use in their everyday work: a way to react to their demands in a very short time, free of licensing complexities.

We would like to thank the production companies and agencies which have relied upon us (Pathé Fox Europa, Lazzenec & Associés, Chez WAM, Fidélité, Films Manuel Munz, M6, VAM, Alquimia Spain, Alangkarn Thaïland, Cinémag Bodard, Cinéquity, Coullier Productions, EURO RSCG, Faulds, Iwatani Japan, Cinemania 35, Agence Marcel, Young & Rubicam, Volvo Music,Windward, etc).