Killing Machine - Chapter One

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KILLING MACHINE’s album “CHAPTER 1” culminates a labyrinth of legendary careers onto one powerhouse disc. On first listen you know what these masters do best; churn out some of the most brazen metal on the planet today.

“CHAPTER 1” recalled the distinguished talents of guitarists Peter Scheithauer (Temple of Brutality ) joined in his journey by Juan Garcia (Agent Steel), the vocal prowess of James Rivera (Vicious Rumors/Helstar) and Michael Vescera (Yngwie Malmsteen/Loudness) while reuniting the powerhouse rhythm section dynamo of bassist David Ellefson (F5/Temple of Brutality), drummer Jimmy DeGrasso (Megadeth/Suicidal Tendancies) as well as on the first effort longtime friend and partner in crime Stet Howland (Wasp/Temple of Brutality) and Mike Duda(Wasp) all for one full round of metal just the way we like it!

KILLING MACHINE waves the flag for metal the way it was always intended to be; heavy, powerful and unrelenting in all it glory! So, crank it up because “Chapter1” finally gives you something to raise your fist and bang your head to while remembering what kicked your ass about metal in the first place.

Play it loud and keep it proud!

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