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SCANDAL, or the missing link, tying the most mythic photos of Christophe Mourthé to an erudite selection of sublime music accentuating moments of intimacy and ecstasy in your most hidden places!

Fetishism is finally accessible to the general public. Like a virtual universe, imprinted with eroticism and powdered with sulfurous passion!

SCANDAL is a disc of a new style, audacious and authentic. It is a guided visit through your interior. Hypnotic music plunges one deeply into Mourthé’s inspired photography. The lighting seems unreal and the characters jump out as if they’ve suddenly rediscovered a bit of life.

Dream or reality? Isn’t the true «SCANDAL» to lead you down the royal path to the discovery of your own most intimate fantasies… then to leave you there hollow… empty of all your substance, as the stereo delivers its last ecstatic notes?

Born on April 29th 1959, Christophe Mourthé begins at 20 years old as a theater and music-hall photographer. He keeps close to the most famous acter and above all meets, during his trips throughout Europe, the most famous theater and movie directors as Zeffirelli, Peter Stein, Giorgio Strehler, Dario Fo, Peter Brook or Federico Fellini. When you ask him today who his masters are, he quotes them rather than Newton or Doisneau. In 1983, he travels between Paris and Venice, and meets Denis Menendez, authentic genius in make-up and hair styling. From their complicity will arise the famous "Casanovas" androgynous characters of a decadent eighteenth century staged in Venician Palaces under twilight. Showed almost everywhere in the world, the "Casanovas" signed by Christophe Mourthé and Denis Menendez will be considered by all, public and professionals, like photographic master pieces, imposing an innovative and daring style. Fashion calls on Christophe Mourthé, and many music and movie stars gladly place their trust in his control for their image. Christophe Mourthé collaborates with the most important "charm" magazines, in which he directs the most ou standing models. Known as "the photographer who undresses fashion", Christophe Mourthé decides in 1991 to photograph the latest tendancy : fetishism. By the quality of his work, he raises this tendancy out of its X rated ghetto.

It will be the 1993 show in Paris, in addition to the book PHYLEA, considered as the book of the year in Europe. Christophe Mourthé has re-created in photographs the world of erotic comic strips. Fetishism comes within everyone’s reach. It is shown and exhibited. The press is unanimous. It is a real world of esthetic and sulfurous pictures, filled with women of expressive sensuality and humour. More than 17.000 copies of this book have been sold. In Japan,it was FETISH-DREAM which created the glossy personification of the fetishist dream, its 4.000 copies already considered as Collectors classics. The explicity elaborated universe of Christophe Mourthé elicited a torrid success at its total exposure in Los Angeles the same year which also heralded the eruption of MARLENE LOVE in France. Marlène, pin-up doll of the 90’s will be rocketed to fantasmagoric fame through the sinful talent of Christophe Mourthé’s photographic genious. In 1998, Christophe Mourthé and Jürgen Boedt will bring us their love child :


The must on Brussels fetishist scene is now Christophe Mourthé’s photographic fantasy. The fantasy is now a reality : BOUTIQUE MINUIT, the book, but more, much more, the 3D CD-ROM is your gateway to a fantastic world of 3D dreams and obsessions. In 1999, the Milcap Private Group asks him to collaborate. He publishes regularly in Pirate fetish images in which he writes sex, fetishism, fantasy and glamour under a much more daring aspect, while keeping a high quality linked to his style. For Private, he creates the sexiest event for the International Film Festival in Cannes in May 2000.

He directs a photographic show on a stage facing the Carlton Hôtel, also being shown on the web. It’s also on the web that christophemourthe.com attracks more than two thousand adepts a day. The book SCANDAL is publiphobie in 2001 to celebrate 21 years of photography for this photographer so attached to women’s beauty. At the end of 2000, Christophe Mourthé does "SEXME", his first movie, soon followed by "COLORSEX" in 2001 and "AMAZONESEX"in 2002 then the "Kamasutra" in 2003.

An exhibition in Cannes, then, in Paris, during the spring of 2002, will show his best photographies and an auction with Maitre Cornette de St Cyr will close the event.

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