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A heroin of manga, this time of flesh and blood, Cima Cima arrives like a UFO from another planet (or almost) since she comes to us from the country of the rising sun (born in Fukushima, Japan).

The scientists do not agree on the past of this pulpy, five-foot, nine-inch Japanese woman. Some say that she consists of atomic particles partially enriched with the sounds of the most beautiful female voices (Kate Bush, etc). Others think that this artist arrived from nowhere with a mission to revolutionize Japanese music of the 21st and 22nd century.

The most dedicated biographers know that after having worked with one of the most important artists of Japanese contemporary music (Yochiori Yoshikawa) within his IO Factory, she heads for Europe and plays the mythic "Golden Arrow" before a mesmerized audience. The crowd was quickly conquered by the originality of her melodies, bringing back memories of Brian Wilson and other disjointed, melancholic composers.

Two years later, in 2000, she takes part in a first test, "Complex Go Go!" in Japan (still produced by IO Factory). It is a moment of electro pop crossbred with Eastern ballades. Astonishing music, it mixes sections of string quartet, Chinese and Japanese traditional instruments enrobed by the most "hip" sounds of Japanese technology. Cima Cima plays all the Japanese stages and makes her first appearances on national radio.

In 2001, she settles in London where she collaborates with many artists in various musical experiments including the techno group "Kawaï" (New Toy Productions). She appears on the most important media in Great Britain: Sky T.V, BBC, etc. She even co-authors a hit single, "Evelsong", with Peter Inglo from King of Wollworths. It will be number one on many English FM stations and one of the revelations of the BBC and Fashion T.V. She is saluted by the newspaper of reference, NME!

In 2002, strong from her English experience, but still in the search of new artistic paths, she moves to Paris, a new territory where some of her melodies already resound. "Flower", one of her most beautiful melancholic songs is on few cd's compilations of référence such "Asia Follies" Sawasdee /Wagram Music), "Japan Touch" (New Mantra/Wagram Music), "Asian Sound" (BMG). In Paris, she finishes work on her first album and refines her scenic, artistic expression, recruiting a young Frenchwoman on the drums and accompanying herself with a contemporary dance couple, Chu and Mayo.

Warner Music again uses her song "Flower" on the disc "Planet" (Where we find Cima Cima at the sides of The Pogues and Myriam Makeba, Dum Dum Project) promoted on the cable and satellite channels, Planet, MCA, Canal Jimmy. One of her new titles figures, in pre-release, on the fashion concept album "Scandal" (which includes most famous fetish photos by wellingtonias photograpers). Cima Cima has also just finished shooting a short film (produced by the team of Pixies) using one of her tunes, "Everytime." And two other videos which will be includes on a first CD and DVD concept album.

Fall 2004, Cima Cima released a this amazing first album "Flyin' Buddha" (sung in French, Japanese and English). A long awaited disc, it should quickly reveal this artist -unlike any other- to the firmament of the stars of the new world sound system...

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