Nashville Pussy - Keep On Fuckin’ In Paris

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The rock and roll of Nashville Pussy arrives at full throttle: explosive, obscene, and sexual. It makes you tap your foot and shake your head. High As Hell, their last album, enriched with 5 bonus titles for the European version, is released on the label Axe Killer (The Angels, American Dog, Great White…).

Nominated for a Grammy Award for best metal performance in 1999 for Fried Chicken and Coffee on their first disc Let Them Eat Pussy, Nashville Pussy hasn’t changed their recipe since "high voltage” is backed up with ballsy rhythms, break-neck tempos, violent riffs, all how real rock and roll should be played.

Nashville Pussy got their name from the intro to Ted Nugent’s Wang Dang Sweet Poontang on the album Double Live Gonzo. Originally composed of guitarist/singer Blaine Cartwright native of Kentucky (the Bourbon State), lead-guitarist Ruyter Suys (pronounced Rider Sighs), Californian bassist/fire-spitter Corey PARKS later replaced by Tracy ALMAZAN (who later left her place to the ex-famous Monster Katie LYNN CAMPBELL) and of Texan drummer, Jeremy THOMPSON (alias "Remo”)

Nashville Pussy, new lineup, participated in the "Tattoo The Earth Tour” in the U.S.A alongside Slipknot, Slayer and Sevendust. They were also chosen for certain dates to accompany The Misfits and The Dictators, tour with ICP and Suicidal Tendencies and were specially invited by Lynyrd Skynyrd for their show in Nashville. The group has also taken the time to record a remake of AC/DC’s, Highway To Hell, with proceeds going to FREE THE WEST MEMPHIS THREE, as well as Molly Hatchet’s Flirtin’ With Disaster at the express request of HBO for the occasion of the release of the film Run Roonie Run They paid tribute to Twisted Sister with The Kids Are Back and to Turbonegro, a Norwegian cult group, with Age Of Pamparius.

The newest arrival "Say Something Nasty” is an album that sounds really Blues/Rock/ACDC/Motorhead… The re-formation, steams ahead like a train from Hell, playing a maximum of shows! Last European tour; August to the end of September 2002, with rooms truly conquered (Spain, Holland et France!) Huge tour in 2003!!

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