Iggy Pop - Live at The Channel Boston M.A. 1988

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In June 1988, the « Instinct » album was over, Iggy Pop was preparing carefully his next worlwide tour that was supposed to start two months later. In order to play « Instinct » - aggressive direct rock - The Iguana chose a mix of new and experienced musicians. Andy McCoy, guitar hero from Hanoi Rocks, Alvin Gibbs the bassist from UK Subs, Paul Garisto, the drummer from The Psychedelic Furs and Shamus Began (keyboards, guitar) who had already toured twice with Iggy. The repertoire chosen for the concerts was half-composed by songs from The Stooges. Starting with the L.A Whisky A Go Go, the « Instinct Tour » ended up on the 30th of August in Tel Aviv. The Boston Channel concert of the 19th of July was registered. If he was no longer throwing up peanut butter on the public or cutting himself with broken glass, Iggy supported by high-pitched rock ‘n’ roll and his musicians, gave the best. On the 22nd of July, The New York Post sumed up this cult performance under the words : « Raw Power + Instinct ». Iggy Pop was at the top.

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After the Stooges fell apart, Iggy laid low for a bit, then kicked off his solo career with two 1977 albums produced by David Bowie. The Idiot effectively divorced Iggy from the driving guitars of the Stooges and re-introduced him as a member of the emerging slightly sleazy synth-punk class. Standards like "Nightclubbing" and "China Girl" emerged from this album. Lust for Life was a full swing back into rock/pop. Most of the music on this diverse but oddly cohesive release was written by Bowie. Iggy continued to collaborate with Bowie throughout the ’80s. The two shared the vocal responsibilities on Bowie’s Tonight (1984), and Bowie reassumed the role of producer for Iggy’s Blah, Blah Blah (1986). The former contained a work with Tina Turner and the latter held up as its only redeeming value a driving cover of Johnny O’Keefe’s "Real Wild Child (Wild One)." Iggy fell into the ’90s and hit the ground running with the 1990 release of Brick By Brick. Easily his most mainstream effort to date, Brick By Brick boasts accompanying vocals from folk rock master John Hiatt and Kate Pierson (B-52s), radio-friendly tunes like "Candy" and tough stuff like "Pussy Power" and "I Won’t Crap Out."

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