The FGL Team ?

Nathalie Lallement

Directrice Financière

  • Né à : Amnéville, October 2
  • Signe astrologique : Libra, Ascendant : Scorpio
  • Signe chinois : Rat

In 1990, after graduating highschool with a diploma specialized in philosophy, Nathalie entered college, with the goal of a 4 year degree in economy and management. One year later, she accepted an internship, and thus, became acquainted with FGL. Seduced by the groove of the music world, she decided to stay. Her first responsibility was the management of stock, and planning disc manufacture. Naturally, she gravitated toward accounting, and finally returned to duties more befitting her original aspirations. 28 years old, she deciphers the language of numbers in general, and musical royalties in particular, focusing for 10 years (already?!) the energy necessary on the administrative side, for the continued progress of FGL.