The FGL Team ?


East Asia Office

  • Né à : Bangkok, December 25
  • Signe astrologique : Capricorne

Like the baby Jesus, Pradith was born on the 25th of December (under the sign of Capricorn), in Bangkok, capital of the ancient empire of Siam. He quickly arrives in France, where he does his studies (Emile Zola's high-school of Choisy-le-Roi), in Paris.

In 1982, he receives his diploma in Accounting, (BTS computer science and accounting), then in marketing (BTS Marketing and Enterprise Management). Having a double culture (Asian and European) and totally bilingual, after several experiences working with construction accounting companies, Pradith orients his career toward tourism. Returning to Thailand in 1989, Pradith Chantharasena takes advantage of his management experience and his double culture to combine an import/export company with a travel agency. His sense of organisation, his European experience and his linguistic prowess (he speaks French, Thai, English, and Laotian) have permitted him to open numerous cultural and economic projects.

Since 2003, he is the head manager of RedLive Agency Ltd and we have given him the responsibility of opening up the southeast Asian market. Notably, he represents FGL Productions before the most important publishing and phonographic production companies of Thailand, Hong Kong, and Singapor.

He is currently working on the establishment of a network of licensers (publishers and producers) that we can relay in Europe in order to represent their catalogs before all the official mechanical and broadcast rights managment organizations, such as SACEM-SDRM in France or MCP’s in Germany. He is official representative of our company in Bangkok (in direct liason with our PDG in France, Thierry Wolf) where we have at our disposition, the infrastructure to meet and welcome all our parteners. Pradith Chantharasena remains available to all southeast Asian music publishers and producers searching for new means of broadcast and representation in Europe.