The FGL Team ?

Thierry Wolf

Président Directeur Général (CEO)

  • Né à : Paris, July 19
  • Signe astrologique : Cancer, Ascendant : Cancer
  • Signe chinois : Tiger

Before taking charge of the fate and developpment of our company in 1990, he was in turn, the youngest ever producer of Radio in France, and director or programming for several pioneer FM stations. Following that success, he became creative editor for one of the biggest telemarketing companies, and founder of companies involved in the establishment of network servers for the « Minitel » (the french precursur to the Internet) and telephone service (« Kiosque »). He is also the author of several works (books of art, popularisation of life sciences, humor, and current events), and albums (which includes several gold records, for numerous concepts).

He is also the worldwide producer and artistic director of the famous Red Army Choir and many other international artists. He now alternates his functions of chairman and creator of many events for corporate and exhibition halls.