The FGL Team ?

Independent since 1981 !!

FGL is one the leading independent lights of the European music industry. Established in Paris in 1981, the company bagan life concentrating on the re-issue of major works from the popular music catalogue. It then became an active producer in many domains of music. Nowadays, FGL PRODUCTIONS’ repertory runs to tens of thousand of items. The company, based in PARIS (25 Boulevard Arago, 13h district) for more than twenty years, is also owner of more than 22 labels.

Endowed by this experience, FGL PRODUCTIONS expanded its business plan and opened many new ways of development. The company has a publishing department (member of SACEM for more than 30 years) , representing a significant number of French and international songrwriters and composers.

The company also developed a video production house for its numerous artists, along with the addtion of documentaries and even the executive prodution of movies.

With these many assets it’s natural that FGL PRODUCTIONS works with great knowledge and skills in regard to synchronisation to offer to the movie, TV series or advertising producer a rich repertoire of music matching to images.

Every year, hundreds of tracks from our repertory fit perfectly the big or small screen to illustrate movie scenes, video games, television films or commercials. The smart directors and producers understand that FGL PRODUCTIONS offer a fast and effective service, capable of competing with the majors and giving the best solutions for the musical illustration of their movies.

The new development axis of FGL PRODUCTIONS has acquired licences of production for shows, then dedicated a department to live performances. Strong experience with artists and theatre companies, we can offer major development in France, Europe and Eastern Europe to clients.

Our company also uses its network to produce yearly worldwide tours of prestigious shows and artists such as THE RED ARMY CHOIR, JANGO EDWARDS, MAZOWSZE (National Polish Choir, Ballet and Orchestra), PIERRE RICHARD, OPERA & BALLET, CRAZY HORSE PARIS, in particular in France, Russia and Eastern European countries.

More than thirty five years after its creation, FGL PRODUCTIONS’ team continues to bring its know-how and creativity to all their partners, artists and producers.

FGL… F as Fidelity, G as Generous, L as Liberated and independent since 1981

F as Fidelity to our friends, suppliers and partners

G as Generous with our artists and public.

L as Liberated and independent since 1981